12. May 2021 FeuerTrutz Network: Expert information on fire prevention

FeuerTrutz Fire Safety Network offers a wealth of expert information on fire prevention, in printed or electronic form, for stationary or mobile use. FeuerTrutz also organizes Europe's leading trade fair for preventive fire protection and other events.

FeuerTrutz Network offers a wealth of expert information on fire prevention and provides practical solutions for everyday support. Expert information is only a part of what our industry is about. Fire prevention affects many people – investors, planners, approval authorities, implementers, etc. – all of them depend on the discussion of the best solution. For this purpose FeuerTrutz Network offers numerous suitable platforms. Background information, trends, concepts, specialized technology, as well as market news and product solutions are the focus of our offers:

The Atlas for Preventive Fire Protection (Brandschutzatlas) is the standard for fire prevention measures in Germany. It is an indispensable aid for problem solving in every planning phase.

FeuerTrutz Journal for Fire Safety Experts (FeuerTrutz Brandschutz Magazin für Fachplaner) offers expert knowledge, practical tips and empirical data. It is a platform for debates about issues concerning the future. FeuerTrutz also offers a wide range of publications whether in printed or electronic form, for stationary or mobile use.

Apart from various publications on fire prevention we organize the annual FeuerTrutz Trade Fair with Congress for Preventive Fire Protection in cooperation with Nuremberg Messe. It is Europe's leading trade fair that combines solutions for passive, active and organizational fire protection. Every year planners, recognized experts, architects, civil engineers, building services engineers, Statutory Authorities and fire service officers are attracted to visit and to obtain specific information and discuss innovative solutions and products for fire safety and fire protection.

  • 1995: Josef Mayr founds the FeuerTrutz publishing company in Wolfratshausen near Munich, Germany.
  • 2005: The publishing company becomes a subsidiary of Rudolf Müller Mediengruppe.
  • 2014 : Renaming into FeuerTRUTZ Network GmbH (change to FeuerTrutz Network GmbH in 2018)

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